Focal Length:8.336mm
Shutter:1/14 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot A720 IS

Click on an image to view it larger.

For the last few years I have been working mostly in porcelain and white stoneware and firing in oxidation. I also work occasionally with stoneware in reduction firing. Scrolling down will show a variety of my work over several years.

web-platter.jpgwebcs.jpgDSCN1526img_5060_2.jpgwebstone-jar.jpgimg_0630black striped platterimg_3107.jpgweb-white-bowl.jpggms-oval-dishes_21web-2-leaf-jar.jpgMBaker Vasecup&detailweb-2-minis.jpgimg_5768.jpgwebleaf-pitcher.jpgDSCN1372img_3661_2.jpg




6 comments on “Gallery”

  1. Just got your card. The site looks great and I’m glad to see the picture of your parents and your practically grown up boys. We miss Isleford and all our friends. But the weather is better here than Maine. Will send you an e-mail with our web site linked. Click on Windward Studio if you go to it. All our best. Al

  2. marian. so cool to see you up and running!! it looks great. i have taken over 145 photos and now am starting the process. about 40 items will be the total. i am excited as i’m learning this all new. does this go to your email??? till thursday! nancy

  3. Marian, I love your forms and colors. Great greens and glaze layering. We are having a call for entries for a ceramics show called “Of The Sea” at my gallery /community clay studio Phoenix Fired Art in Joplin MO this summer. Your work looks quite inspired by the sea so I hope you will consider submitting for it. Our form is online at entrythingy. Are you part of the collective Maine Potters Market down in the Old Port or do you show elsewhere on First Friday art walks? I always visit local artist studios and galleries when I am in Portland in the summer. I paint plein aire while I’m in Maine but make ceramic art the rest of the year in Joplin…..

  4. Marian, Your work is beautiful! The glazes are sumptuous and the layering really is paying off for you. In my opinion anyway. I am a potter too and have been doing a lot of glaze testing using different techniques. Layered glazes are what I love. It appears to me that you are glazing a base then wax resisting areas then glazing over much of the rest of the pot in many of your pieces. It’s absolutely wonderful! Inspires me! Thanks!

    Happy potting!
    Paul Nicholas
    Mt. Pleasant Pottery

    • Thanks…I just need to keep my website up a little more frequently. Yes, I layer with a wax resist technique and try to get a sense of depth. Happy potting right back!

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