Most Recent Work

Focal Length:10.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX P330

This page shows work I have made within the last couple of years. I try new glazes and patterns each winter, some I continue to use and some fall away. I work in two particular ways: first and primarily, I use wax resist designs in patterns or abstractions to obtain vitality and depth between colors and surfaces. The glossier surface of the underglaze in contrast to the satin matt overglaze creates a sense of seeing through, looking into, a small but vital creation of mystery happens.  The second way I work is by painting lively sea creatures with colored slips, then using a clear glaze over the images. In these pieces, I am interested in expressing gesture and liveliness through the painting and drawing.  I do not make a “line” of anything, but do work in series. It is important to me that the work evolves and grows and I love making new discoveries in glazes and forms.






06smalldrkgray:stoneware copy.jpg



MBakerSet-peonytumblers - Version 2.jpg




23. Lobster Platter, MBaker.jpg




One comment on “Most Recent Work”

  1. Hello Stephanie
    Try this link:
    It is an online gallery that has a pretty good selection of my work, and several mugs. Hope that helps. Thanks for your interest. Marian

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